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Who we are?

We are a leading mobile application development company in Bangkok, Thailand creating a unique, exciting, and challenging mobile application project. We are a small dedicated team with professional backgrounds in enterprise systems for many large well-known public companies. Our mission statement is to develop only the finest details of mobile application in terms of both performance and design. Rapid technology changes have no impact to us as we keep leveraging accordingly..

Our philosophy

You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.

Steve Jobs US computer engineer & industrialist (1955 – 2011)

We are good at

UI & UX Design
Marketing & PR
Cloud Infrastructure
IT Consultancy


Everything you need for your entire system is what we provide. You do not have to worry about a domain name, a hosting, a backend server, a front-end app (Web, iOS, Android), database storage and security.

Mobile Apps

Our blend of beautiful usability focused design and un-compromising development standards provides the backbone of a successful app.


Great apps start at conception with one vision and a host of advice from our team. Between our designers, developers and our very own mobile director we have a wealth of experience to pour into helping make the vision for your app into a reality. We can help you define your road map, develop prototypes and create a clear cut specification for your app

The Best Developer

Listing of top mobile app developers for hire. Includes reviews and screening tools to identify the best developer for your needs.


The design of your app is vital, it will play a huge role in how people first receive the app, whether they wish to download it and more importantly how many continue to actively use it. The delicate balancing act between creating something beautiful whilst also facilitating great usability is something of an art, one we believe we have mastered. We can deliver an app that is unique and captivating in design as well as slick to use, both engaging the user and keeping their attention due to satisfying usability.

Mobile Platforms

The current market leaders in the mobile platform world are Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone. Depending on the user base for your app you will most likely want to hit at least two of these platforms. Our team has dedicated developers for each of these platforms that can produce apps across the spectrum ensuring best practice development and a native feel to the end customer.

Regular updates

Interested in developing our Computer Development professionally.Teamwork has always been a crucial part of our success and we have enjoyed working with Details: good team member and all rounder in many various high skills.  We’re eager to learn and improve the skills we already have.



Anywhere, Anytime

FoodStory for


Revolutionary All-In-One POS System for restaurant
Fast, Secure, and Powerful!

FoodStory for


Real information, menu, promotion, table layout and real customer review!

FoodStory, Online Ecosystem for restaurant owners and love lovers.

Try our “ Simple yet powerful ” app to get to know how e-menu, e-promotion, and e-bill feel like! It’s FREE to use.


Who we are

Thagoon Chartsutipol

Founder & CEO

Nattapol Pitakvorrarat

Senior Developer

Tutchavee Pongaspisuth

Mobile Developer

Pran Sunontanam

Creative & Designer

Nawawat Yotarak

Mobile Developer

Attaphon Tanasangnuchit

Graphic Designer

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7 Soi Lad Phrao 23 Lat Phrao,Bangkok, Thailand 10900

Phone number:

+66 (86) 327 7999


We are open:

Mon – Fri 9 AM – 18 PM

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